Shahrukh Khan Still Reading Khan by Mushtaq Shiek 2007 Hardcover Book 458 pages

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Splashy, audacious and bursting with color; a new book about Shah Rukh Khan captures all the brightness of Bollywood and the effervescence of the man himself. 
Mumbai journalist Mushtaq Sheikh, a longtime friend of the superstar and his family, has created a huge, weighty tome packed with photos and reminiscences from Khan s life, from the schoolboy in Delhi enamored with the stage to the introspective star with a legendary sense of humor. 
It s called Still Reading Khan, and was launched here in United States in January 2007 after its Mumbai release in October. Speaking at the Mumbai launch of the book, Khan viewed a video slide show about his life and told a celebrity-studded audience, The best part of today s function was when I saw my old home. It brought back memories of my mom and dad. I wish they were alive to see how much importance is given to me. 
Shah Rukh Khan is Hindi cinema, Sheikh told India West in an email. Larger than life, glossy, glamorous and 70mm. So when I was writing about his life, I had to match it with what is expected from Shah Rukh Khan and his image. Like director Ashutosh Gowriker says, This is not a book: Still Reading Khan is a movie. That s exactly my reason for doing a coffee table format book. 
What makes SRK fascinating for the hardcover fan is the depth with which Sheikh delves into Khan s father, Meer Taj Mohammad, a creative, idealistic man who speaks six languages and fought for India s freedom.