1 Sealed World Repair Kit Stamps Ink Pad Stickers Ages 8+

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The World Repair Kit, a gift intended to inspire kids and families to do their part to serve in their communities. This kit was developed by Serena & Lily, an online home décor company that does more than sell fine linen and curtains. It was founded by Lily Kanter after she retired from Microsoft, a multimillionaire at 35. Ms. Kanter wanted to use her success to make a difference so she started a business and a charitable organization, which funds youth programs around the world. 100% of the net proceeds of the product's sale go to the Serena & Lily Foundation. The kit was created not just with the help of educators and nonprofit professionals but with significant input from those that will use it - kids, ages kindergarten through 8th grade. The centerpiece of the kit is a 205 page guidebook that informs children about issues ranging from environmental protection to helping others with disabilities. The language of the book is bright and upbeat even if the subject matter is serious. And the introduction of every problem - for example, hunger - is paired with concrete steps that the kids can to take to improve the situation, such as organizing a can drive, volunteering at a local food bank, or organizing a hunger awareness dinner party for friends and family. The book also teaches the kids a little about the economics of fundraising, a skill they will certainly need as adults working to repair the world.