E-Z Spud Potato Masher Bandwagon, Inc. Commercial Industrial Grade Squashier

  • $8.99

Lots of uses:

This masher rocks! The Spudnik Simply Mash Potato Masher creates the fluffiest mashed potatoes. A new and ergonomic way to mash potatoes, guacamole, mashed beans, mashed peas, apple sauce, pumpkin, stewed tomatoes. Also great for low-carb mashed cauliflower. Make baby food from cooked vegetables and fruits. Make egg salad. Smash walnuts and other nuts. Crumble large blocks of cheese and tofu. Make crumbs out of cookies and even brown ground beef, the Spudnik is easier and quicker than conventional mashers, no pounding required.


The comfortable, non-slip handle is easy on hands and wrists. Just rotate the ergonomic top in the palm of your hand while the masher rocks n' rolls around the bowl, and you're on your way to simply delightful mashed potatoes.

This is such a wonderful masher, you need one, and every potato-loving member of your family needs one.